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3D Garment Packages

Use our 3D models in your own projects to save a huge amount of time. Add your own style. Learn the required skills in our online workshops. Become a member and get free access to all our workshops, garments and downloads!


Metaverse Incubation Programme

If you have an idea- We help you make it happen in Metaverse As creative minds you could be buzzing with fantastic ideas but you need technology, creative resources and consultation from industry experts to shape it into a viable project. Metaverse Incubation programme consults you to validate the idea and aligning resources to make it happen.


  • Webinars
  • Project Consultation
  • Project Management

Invest In Yourself and Gain Future-Proof Skills

We offer short term certificate courses in Digital Fashion and Diploma courses in Wearable NFTs, Metaverse and fashion.

All our programs are available in an online learning environment which is conducted live by our fashion instructors and designers with years of Industry experience.

All of our programs have an option of one to two week orientation and workshop at our centers in India located conveniently in Delhi, Gurgaon and Dharamshala.

We also offer paid internships to our students after the completion of the course. The internship is in Gurgaon at our design studios.

Join our Online Course

Learn all about the NFTs, Smart Contracts, Lazy Minting and Gas fee concepts. All our programs cover basic to in depth concepts and workshops designed to help our students learn everything about NFTs and launch their own NFT collection.

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Wearable NFTs

Learn the skills and tools to create your own Wearable NFT collections.

Prepare yourself for the future where trillions of dollars will be poured into the Meta fashion industry.

We are a team of fashion designers and blockchain gurus that will prepare you for the future in this industry.

Metafashion school

Students Work

What Our Student Say

I really enjoyed me time with Metafashion School. I wanted to built my career in digital fashion and Metafashion School was offering exactly what I was looking for, latest course modules with practical experience. The classes were interactive and 1on1 doubt solving sessions helped me a lot in clearing my doubts.

Tanya Singh

Great Learning experience, The teachers were experts in their respective fields.

I really enjoyed the blender classes the most.

The weekly workshops helped me in getting more insights about softwares. Meta Fashion School is good institute.

Alok Kumar

If you want to build your career in digital fashion then Metafashion school is for you! the trainers are extremely helpful and the classes are really entertaining. I had a great time in our classroom sessions. The trainers also helped in solving doubts by giving extra classes which is a nice gesture. Thank you.


Who’s here ?

Our members include designers, brands and students wanting to improve their skills and talents.

For Designers

We support designers wanting to learn new technologies that can assist their workflow.

For Brands

We help brands become more sustainable and cut costs by using new and important tools.

Knowledge Retention

Our workshops include short quizzes along the way to help us remember what’s important.

For Students

We help students gain future proof skills for the post-pandemic industry.

Submit your work for review

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with options to have your work reviewed by a tutor

Incredible Value

We’re putting an end to subscriptions. We only require a one-time fee to keep us running.




Learn & Share

Clear Your Doubts

Fashion in metaverse is going to be an interesting collaborative space. You will be able to express the wildest idea of fashion in metaverse provided you have the right mix of technology, tool and talent.

Metafashion Community is an active community moderated by the school instructors and industry experts. You will find a friendly and diverse mix of participants from following expertise or learning interest.

  • Fashion

  • Fashion Presentation & Illustration

  • Character Design

  • Story Boarding

  • Creative Directors

  • Photographers

  • Art Directors

  • Film Makers

  • NFT

  • Block Chain Technology

  • Crypto Currency experts


We are a team of creative Professionals & Entrepreneurs in fashion, gaming, 3D modelling, augmented Reality, Block chain and NFT marketing. We have come together to form a school, which can help educate and realise the potential of young talents in Metaverse.

We believe that next generation creative professionals will disrupt the creative practices and break the hierarchy, which had been a deciding factor of talent’s destiny that means working with big companies and having access to who is who of creative world. We believe in creating an metaverse ready ecosystem to offer skills, knowledge, resources and collaboration opportunity to all the young creative minds.

Our mission is “ Is to become the leader in imparting knowledge, skills and resources to to compete for new opportunities in Metaverse ”


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Branch Office

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